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The Chair Academy


Graduate of the Chair Academy, 2018-2019 New Jersey Community College Foundation Program

World-class, competency-based leadership program for all levels of higher education.


Part 1: June 11-15, 2018

Part II: June 10-14, 2019

Congressional App Challenge

Judge at The 2018 Congressional App Challenge for NJ 5th Congressional District, NJ. October 2019


Community involvement & presentations


Will You Sit With Me?

The host of the interactive session Will You Sit with Me?  as a part of national advocacy campaign for encouraging women in computing careers and technology at STEM C^2 Summit @ BCC, May 14, 2019 

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Title page of presentation

Broadening Student Leaning Experiences Through Academic Initiative Partnership @ NJEdge Teaching with Technology Showcase

Lightning round presentation on February 22, 2019 

at William Paterson University

.PDF available

Extending STEM Learning Opportunities to Students Beyond Classroom @ 2019 Tri-State Best Practices Conference

Team Presentation with two faculty members on March 2, 2019

at BCC 

.pdf available

Team Presentations


Zeiger, L., Carnahan, C., McCarty, B., Munn, C. & Vandalovsky, E. (Dec. 2018). Educational Technologies in the STEM Classroom. Presentation to the Ningbo Bureau of Education, China. New Jersey City University, 2018

Zeiger, L., Bahna, S., Cotter, K., Evans, T., McCarty, B. & Vandalovsky, E. (Dec. 2018). Breakthrough Educational Technologies of 2019. Presentation to New Jersey Association of School Librarians. NJASL 2018 Fall Conference, 2018.

Online Community on Student Retention

Audience. Goal.

 The goal of this community is to establish a connected and informative  environment for promoting, sharing and collaborating on best practices  of student retention on a discipline or course level. 

website: Student Retention for All


The learning community is to:
- help faculty understand their role in the overall process;
- provide communication channels for exchanging ideas and sharing best practices;
- encourage connection with learning analytics and ways of adapting it;
- encourage collaboration on the development of new topics related to student retention;
- grow a list of resources devoted to research and best practices in retention approaches. 


Video: student retention is everyone's responsibilty