...to innovate and educate is to empower

"There is no paved highway to the future" 

- Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, 

the authors of The Leadership Challenge

Professional Growth and Development

Personal Mission Statement:


Be true to your values, propagate positivity, technological innovation and inspiration to make a difference in others and yourself. 

Top five Clifton Strengths are:

 Learner, Achiever, Woo, Focus and Relator. 

Personal Development Plan

NJCU 5 Star Cohort

NJCU 5 Star Cohort

The  5 Star Cohort is made up of visionaries. As visionaries, our mission is  to take a lead role in researching and implementing educational  technology techniques and systems to enhance 21st-century teaching and learning.

5 Star cohort

Ed. D. in Educational Technology Leadership

NJCU Ed.D. in Educational Technology Leadership

 The Ed.D. in Educational Technology Leadership develops  educational technology leaders and innovators for school systems,  teacher education programs, and the private and public sectors.  

NJCU Ed.D. program

About Me

Divisional Dean

@ Bergen Community College

Doctoral Student

@ NJCU Ed.D. Educational Technology Leadership program,

Class of 2020

The Chair Academy Graduate

@ the Academy for Leadership and Development, 

June 2018-June 2019